Are there any fees for ATM placement?

Answer: There are no fees. We provide the ATM and share the profits.

Who maintains, fills, and repair the ATM machine?

Answer: We do all the work, you just share in the profits.

Who is liable for any issues?

Answer: We assume all liability and cover the ATM with our insurance.

Who pays for the connection and electricity?

Answer: You, the location, must provide and maintain a dedicated or shared business dial-up telephone line or internet connection. As well as a 110V outlet. Any expenses for these utilities are paid for by the location. This would be the only expense you would incur.


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How am I paid?

Answer: You are paid quarterly as the result of the number of surcharged transactions. If there were 1000 transactions in a quarter you would make $500 for the quarter.

Additional Benefits?

Answer: People spend more when they have cash. Giving them an option makes it that much easier for them to spend more.

If you choose to accept only cash and direct people to an ATM machine, you also decrease your need to pay credit card transaction fees.